Crabbing Competition

Crabbing Competition

Crabbing Competition at The Duver Marina - Sunday 29thJuly

First please Register with us at the Berthing Office anytime before 9am.  The Rules will be outlined at 9am (please don't catch any crabs before this time) - then see how many crabs you can catch - hookless crabbing lines only please and no nets to be used.   

You can take your bucket to a member of staff for your crabs to be counted/judged anytime before 10am (the official finish time).  Then we'll help you to put them carefully back into the Harbour where they belong.  There'll be Prizes for the largest haul, largest crab, the youngest crab catcher etc - Prizes will be awarded at about 1030 or earlier if we've finished counting and judging ...

There will be a separate class for adults, but children are not allowed to help them!!

Hookless crabbing lines, buckets and bait are available at the Berthing Office if you don't have your own.