Harbour Splash

Harbour Splash

Tackt-Isle Harbour Splash - Saturday 29th July 

Tackt-Isle Adventures are based at Woodnutts Yard, The Duver, St Helens next to the Harbour Office.  All the activities on Saturday are free but we do ask for a donation to The Sophie Rolf Trust - KissyPuppy - 100% of these donations will go to the charity.

Have a go on the Segways from 12pm to 2pm - trickier than it looks!

Fancy a go at paddleboarding or kayaking?  "Splash" sessions will run from 2.30pm to 6.30pm. There will be boards, boats, instructors, buoyancy aids and safety boat cover (wetsuits also available if you don't have your own).  Minimum age: 12 for paddleboarding, 9 for kayaks (unless accompanied by an adult).  

The waterslide will be out 

To get there you can jump on a Water Taxi from Bembridge Beach or Brading Haven Yacht Club (phone: 01983 872828 or VHF Ch 80) or by car - down Duver Road, St Helens and across the National Trust land - nearest parking is the National Trust Car Park.