Visitor Berthing - Terms & Conditions

1. Bookings are to be made online via the Harbour website (or if within a 24-hour period, directly with the Berthing Office on 01983 872828 extension 1).  See also para 3 below. 

2. A booking can only be made and confirmed with receipt of the full payment required, either via the online booking system or telephone card payment.

3. Vessels over 18m LOA or with a draft over 2m should please book directly through the Berthing Office.  Multihulls should also book directly through the Berthing Office.    

4.  Bembridge Harbour Authority, Change or Cancellation of a booking policy is as follows:

Bookings made online via our website can be cancelled online by the customer up to 24 hours before the due arrival date.

Note: Cancellation on the arrival day can only be done by contacting the Berthing Office (01983 872828 ext 1).

Cancellations: are subject to a service charge, calculated as follows:

  • Cancellations made 3 days or more prior to the booking date affords a 75% refund (25% charge)
  • Cancellations made less than 3 days but more than 1 day prior to the booking date affords a 50% refund (50% charge)
  • Cancellations made less than 1 day (24hrs) prior to the booking date affords no refund.

Cancelled booking fees are carried forward as a “credit”, on the customer’s account for use on a future occasion in line with the following validity and expiry periods:

  • Credits issued before the 30th  June are valid until the 31st December in the year issued.
  • Credits issued from 1st July are valid until 30th June the following year.

It is possible to use a valid credit to make a booking post the expiry date, providing it is done online before the expiry date.

Note: The customer credit status is not visible on the online booking system.  However, a valid credit held on the account is automatically applied and deducted from any future online booking fees, until the credit is fully realised.

Change of Date: Changing to a future date cannot be done online by the customer in relation to an existing booking, but can be done by contacting the Berthing Office (01983 872828 ext 1).

There is no service charge for this “one time only” change of date.  Thereafter the paid booking must be cancelled online by the customer, and a service charge as above will be applied, with any remaining credit afforded to a future booking.

Customer online self-management guidance is as follows:

Having already made and paid for your booking online, to cancel the booking you should follow the following process:

Re-visit Bembridge Harbour online bookings page and log back into your account using the email and password you created.

  • Go to “My Bookings”
  • Click on the red cross on the left side marked “Cancel”.
  • A prompt confirming the intention to cancel will appear on screen - please read the instruction regarding the credit refund procedure and respond accordingly.
  • This cancels the booking from your account, and will automatically apply your future use credit to your account. (You will not see the credit but it will be applied)
  • If you seek to book another date, press continue and then repeat the routine booking procedure.
  • Any credit held on your account will be automatically deducted from any future booking(s) as you finalise and confirm the new booking.

Any request for a refund return with a valid reason, will be required in writing to the Harbour Office, and will be made at the discretion of the Harbour Management. Any refund deemed due will be subject to the relevant percentage cancellation fee, as above, and will be made within 28 days subject to the required information being given to Bembridge Harbour Authority. 

5. Bookings are to be made by individual boat owners only. 

In the case of organised and pre-booked groups such as club rallies, a single point of contact (Rally Organiser) should liaise with harbour staff in setting out berthing requirements and any services required, and thereafter assist in the coordination of individual on-line bookings as are required by the group or rally members.

Rally Organisers will be issued with a Rally Code to be used by rally members when making their booking.  Any applicable rally discount will be applied automatically to the online booking (if owners do not use the Rally Code, discount will not be given).  

6. The allocation of the mooring is at the discretion of the Berthing Master.  The booking of a berth does not guarantee a specific berth.  Bembridge Harbour Authority reserves the right to change the mooring allocation and relocate the booked berth at their discretion for operational and safety purposes.

7.  Rafting of boats may be available on request, however all parties to be included in the raft, must have consented to this style of berthing in advance.

8.  Electricity is included in the berthing fee, and also relates to short stay berthing where applicable.

9. Bembridge Harbour Authority reserves the right to increase and decrease the number of berths available to book as is deemed necessary, and without prior notice.

10. Visitors booked on a berth are not entitled to continue using the booked berth for a longer period than the time for which they have booked.  

11. Departure of the berth is required by 1200 or by the next available high tide (if high water is before 0700).

12. Arrival to the berth is available from 1200 or the next available high water (if high tide is before 0700).

13. The booking of a berth is subject to availability.

14. Bembridge Harbour Authority reserves the right to charge an amendment and/or processing fee up to the value of £25 per booking.  This fee is supplementary to the cancellation fee.         

15. Bookings are made with the acceptance of the above terms and conditions and the Bembridge Harbour Authority General Berthing Terms and Conditions