Visitor Berthing

Visitor Berthing 
Click here to go straight to online booking (online booking gives a 5% discount)

All visitor berths should be booked online, other than for boats over 18m LOA who should book directly through the Berthing Office (  01983 872828 ext 1).  A 5% discount on the standard berthing fees listed below is applied to all online bookings including boats over 18m.   

Water (own hose), Harbour Dues and VAT are included in the berthing fees.  Electricity is additional (see tariff below).  A plan of the Duver Marina can be linked to here. To download a printable list of the rates shown below click here   

Scroll down for the 2024 Visitor Berthing Terms and Conditions.  All visiting boats must also comply with the BHA General Berthing Terms and Conditions.   

If you are visiting from outside the UK please familiarise yourself with the regulations governing the entry of Arrivals from outside the UK.

2024 Visitor Rates
(scroll down for 2024/25 winter rates and walk-ashore offer)

From 29th March to 30th September  (online bookings attract a 5% discount)

Berthing fees are based on LOA.  Prices include water (own hose), WiFi, Shower/toilet facilities, Harbour Dues and VAT 

Duver Marina walk ashore finger berth - max LOA 12.50m - £5.00 per metre per night (£4.75 online), Friday and Saturday (and Sunday Bank Holiday weekends)  

Duver Marina walk ashore finger berth - max LOA 12.50m - £4.24 per metre per night (£4.03 online), Sunday (Monday on Bank Holiday weekends) to Thursday ** 

Duver Marina walk ashore alongside berth - LOA over 12.51m - £5.30 per metre per night (£5.04 online), Friday and Saturday (and Sunday Bank Holiday weekends)  

Duver Marina walk ashore alongside berth - LOA over 12.51m - £5.00 per metre per night (£4.75 online), Sunday (Monday on Bank Holiday weekends) to Thursday **

Approved Sailing Schools with students under instruction **

Fixed price of £24 per night (excluding July and August)

** the full applicable rate of £5.00 (£4.75 online) or £5.30 (£5.04 online) per metre per night applies on Bank Holiday weekends and 7 days a week from 1st July to 31st August inclusive

Electricity Facilities Charge
£5.00 (£4.75 online) per day

Short Stay (scroll down for 2023/24 winter rate)  

Short Stay up to 10m LOA £15.00 (£14.24 online) per tide

Stay Stay up to 15m LOA £15.00 (£17.10 online) per tide

Short Stay over 15m+  £22.00 (£20.90 online) per tide

Bembridge Beach mooring 

£15.00 (£14.25 online) per night inclusive of Harbour Dues and VAT


2023/2024 Visitor's Winter Rates (31st October 2023 - 31st March 2024)

£3.00 per metre per night  

Short Stay 
£10 per tide regardless of LOA 

2024/2025 Visitor's Winter Rates (1st October 2024 - 27th March 2025)

£3.00 (£2.85 online) per metre per night  

2024/25 Winter walk-ashore Pontoon Berthing Offer - TBC


All prices are per metre (LOA) rounded up to the nearest 0.1m and inclusive of Water, Shower/Toilet Facilities, WiFi, Harbour Dues & VAT.  Electricity charge based on 16A supply. 

All moorings are subject to BHA Visitor Berthing Terms and Conditions (below), and BHA General Terms and ConditionsRights are reserved by the Harbour to review and amend charges at any time.

Please be aware of our Credit Voucher scheme for cancellations or changes to bookings detailed in the Visitor T&Cs below.

Visitor Berthing Terms and Conditions (BHA General Terms and Conditions also apply)
updated 15.1.24

1.   All bookings are to be made using the online booking system at:  Online bookings attract a 5% discount and can be made up until 08:00 on the day of the visit (subject to availability). After 08:00 please contact the Berthing Office direct (01983 872828 ext 1).

2.   A booking is only confirmed on receipt of full payment either online, or (after 08:00) through the Berthing Office (01983 872828 ext 1), subject to availability. 

3 Online Customer Account
One email address only should be used for creating and using a Customer Account (this email address is the unique field associated with all bookings).

 Full information is displayed on the Customer Account, including live bookings and valid Credit Vouchers with their Expiry Dates.

 4.  Cancellation or changes to a booking
An individual booking, once made, can be changed or cancelled by the customer, free of charge, on their online Customer Account up to 3 days before the date of a booking (example: for a booking on a Saturday, a change or cancellation must be made before 23:59 on Wednesday to receive 100% credit).  

If applicable, a CREDIT (in the form of a “Credit Voucher”) will be allocated to the Customer Account for 100% of the booking value for use against a future online booking (in line with the Expiry Date - see below).  If within 3 days of the date of the booking, cancellation or a change of date will be subject to a Service Charge (see 5 below). 

5.   Service Charges (applied only to berthing fees - payment for electricity will be credited in full)
If a cancellation or change of date is less than 3 days prior to the starting date of a booking, a 50% charge applies and a Credit Voucher is allocated to the online Customer Account for 50% of the berthing fee value (plus 100% of electricity if applicable).   If a cancellation or change of date is made after 08:00 on the day of the booking 100% charge applies and no credit is applicable to the berthing fee.    

 6.  Voucher Expiry Date

      Credit Vouchers issued before the 30th June are valid until, and must be used on a booking date prior to, 31st December in the year issued, after which they will expire.

Credit Vouchers issued from 1st July are valid until, and must be used on a booking date prior to, 30th June the following year, after which they will expire.

7.  Refunds 
Requests for a refund of berthing fees will only be considered if a valid reason is submitted in writing to the Harbour Office (, within 7 days of the date of the booking and will be made at the discretion of the Harbour Management.  Any refund deemed due may be subject to the relevant percentage cancellation fee, as above, and will be made within 28 days subject to the required information being given to Bembridge Harbour Authority.  

8.  Berth allocation and duration
Berth allocation is at the discretion of the Berthing Master and is subject to availability.  A booking does not guarantee a specific berth.  Bembridge Harbour Authority reserves the right to change the berthing allocation and/or relocate the booked berth at their discretion for safety or operational purposes (eg when a visit is extended).  

NOTE: vessels over 12.5m cannot be allocated finger pontoons, they are berthed alongside and may be rafted against.    

9.  Arrival and Departure
Arrival to the berth is available from 12:00 or the next available high water (if high tide is before 07:00).   Departure of the berth is required by 12:00 or by the next available high tide (if high water is before 07:00).   Advisory note: vessels planning to arrive (or depart) at the extremity of a tide are requested to notify the Berthing Team in advance please.

10.  Rallies
In the case of organised, pre-booked groups such as club rallies (5 or more boats) a Rally Organiser should be nominated.  The Rally Organiser will be issued with a Rally Code for rally members to use when making an online booking.  Rally members have the option to choose either the Rally Rafting Area or a finger berth (subject to availability) when booking.  Please see full details on the BHA website Rallies page.  A Rally Discount is available, other than during the peak period of 1st July to 1st September, for the Rally Rafting Area only.     

11. Terms and Conditions
Bookings are made with the acceptance of these Visitor Terms and Conditions and the Bembridge Harbour Authority General Berthing Terms and Conditions.







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